Enerzade is too expensive!

I get this remark quite frequently from potential customers. So to anyone who is wondering why the price of our product is what it is…

I agree that the price per bottle is expensive.

The trial packs in particular are more expensive than the larger multipacks.

We send them Royal Mail Second class @£2.99 per parcel. 

I’m sorry if that’s too expensive for you but I can’t find a cheaper way to send them reliably.

Just for your information about the price:

Cardboard prices have increased about 25% year on year for the last 3 years.. A trial pack box for 3 glass bottles costs £1.69

Our glass bottle price has increased by 25% on two separate occasions over the last 12 months. This isn’t the first year it’s happened either.

Our glucose syrup price has nearly doubled since 2020 due to supply shortages.

Our flavouring has increased by 25% since 2021.

I sold Enerzade for years with literally zero markup as I want to make the drink available for as many people as possible.

I make a small mark-up now per bottle which I reinvest back into the business.

I have been doing this for five years and have not paid myself a wage from it. 

I’m doing everything I physically can to make this product work.

So I’m not piling anything on. I’m not twisting the knife or trying to extort unreasonably high profit margins from my customers.

I’m running on fumes of profit to keep the product price down as I believe in it and want to do what I can for customers who love the drink.

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  1. Kaysha

    Personally, I think the pricing is absolutely reasonable, especially factoring in all the above information such as time and price increases. Enerzade is deliciously refreshing and A nostalgic taste I enjoy so much. I cannot wait for Orange to be developed! Will keep checking here for updates 🙂

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