Jan 2023 update – PET bottles

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500ml PET bottles have been removed from the online store.


Why are they gone?

I fill the PET bottles manually i.e. I wash, label, fill and cap each bottle individually with hand-operated machines. It’s a physical and very time intensive process.

The reality is that I no longer have the time to devote to this process. I make tiny profit from Todd’s Drinks relative to the amount of hours invested into the business. I need to focus more time on my day job to keep the lights and heat running in my house!

Todd’s has been a labour of love throughout which I have absorbed multiple cost increases and setbacks from every angle simply to keep the business going without  prices becoming extortionately expensive, difficult for a small business based in N. Ireland.

What about glass bottles?

Our 330ml glass bottles will still be available for purchase as these are filled by a third party bottling company who have much larger automatic machines compared to mine. In one day they can bottle what takes me weeks to do manually.

Why not get the third party bottler to fill the PET bottles?

Unfortunately no third party filler (in the whole of the UK or Ireland that I can find) will fill into PET bottles unless your order volume is huge (tens of thousands of litres). We are not at the scale yet where we can sell this amount of product before the best before date expired.


Are the PET bottles ever coming back?

Hopefully… If the the brand continues to grow and we can get enough interest from wholesalers I could eventually commit to the large minimum order quantity required which would allow the PET bottles to return.

Until that day however it will be glass only. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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