Looking for a delicious glucose energy drink that isn’t tainted with artificial sweetener?

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The content on this page has been edited following a polite request from a leading glucose (and artificial sweetener) based energy drink manufacturer. 

The old page version contained mentions of their glucose energy drink, these mentions have now been removed. We apologise to any page visitors that are inconvenienced by this. Our brand is built on transparency and we wish to communicate with our visitors why you’re seeing a change.

Please be advised that we have no affiliation to, or endorsement from any other brand.

Enerzade is proud of its identity as a small company that listens to their customers and addresses their demand for a sparkling glucose energy drink that gives you an energy boost without using artificial sweeteners.

We are the only company in the UK & Ireland offering such a product. We’re not trying bamboozle potential consumers by masquerading as another brand and quite frankly, we’d be offended if you were to mistake our brand or products for anyone else!

If you’d like to purchase Enerzade to enjoy the delicious taste of pure glucose without any artificial aftertaste please visit our shop and taste the difference for yourself today.

This is the product that existed before the 2018 sugar levy. This old version did not contain artificial sweeteners, anything manufactured after this date in the UK and Ireland now contains artificial sweeteners.

The company changed their recipe just before the UK’s 2018 sugar levy was implemented. The sugar levy is a tax on soft drinks containing more than 5g of sugar per 100ml.

L******e changed their recipe by replacing some of the glucose syrup in their drinks with artificial sweeteners instead. The new recipe falls under the sugar tax threshold; they do not have to pay the sugar tax.

The company wanted to offer a portfolio of products that contained less sugar so people could still enjoy their drinks while also consuming less calories.

Many people still enjoy the recipe and have not noticed much change. For others the taste change is so noticeable that they no longer enjoy the product.

One explanation for this could be the use of artificial sweeteners instead of the naturally sweet glucose syrup that was used previously in their recipes.

Glucose syrup is perceived as ‘sweet’ because it binds to taste buds on our tongue that process the ‘sweet’ taste.

Artificial sweeteners are designed to bind to these same receptors, unfortunately for some people these chemicals also bind to other receptors in the tongue we perceive as ‘bitter’.

They often bind to these bitter receptors for quite a long time compared to the sweet receptors; which is why the unpleasant aftertaste lingers for longer on your tongue compared to the initial sweetness.

The new recipe contains around 50% less sugar than the old recipe, as of 2023 a bottle of original flavour contains 4.5g of sugar per 100ml.

The old recipe L******** contained 8.7g of sugar per 100ml.

The difference has not simply been a reduction in the total amount of sugar but also the addition of artificial sweeteners to the new recipe to ‘make up the difference’ in sweetness. So if you’re asking yourself “has l******e  changed taste?” you’re not crazy! It has indeed changed.

The ‘new recipe’ began appearing on shelves in April 2017 and you can no longer buy the old version anywhere in the UK or Ireland. The last ‘use by date’ of the old formula manufactured in the UK was March 2018 so even if you managed to find some of that batch.. we wouldn’t recommend consuming it!

L******e is an iconic British brand with a fleet of different products that address a whole spectrum of different consumer needs. We have no affiliation to their brand.

Todd’s Enerzade addresses a single consumer demand – we offer a delicious sparkling glucose energy drink that gives you a boost without using artificial sweeteners.

If you’d like to purchase a pack of Todd’s Enerzade to enjoy the pure taste of glucose without any artificial aftertaste check out our shop now. 

There remains a small range of full sugar soft drinks available for those that do not wish to consume artificial sweeteners. This range is shrinking all the time unfortunately, with Pepsi being the most recent to introduce artificial sweeteners to their product.

If you enjoy the specific, full-bodied taste of glucose then you’re in the right place – Enerzade is the only energy drink on the market that is made with glucose syrup without incorporating artificial sweeteners.

There are a number of distinct differences between Enerzade and any competing products currently on the market.

All other glucose energy drinks (that we have found as of May 2023) contain artificial sweeteners, Enerzade does not and never will.

For comparison purposes: Old L******e contained 8.7g of sugar per 100ml. Enerzade contains 12.0g of sugar per 100ml.

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  1. James

    Enerzaid is my absolute favourite drink. I was years looking for something to replace the taste of old luzozade and was delighted when I found enerzaid which I consider to be the only good old lucozade alternative. it tastes great. I order from here regularly and find the support to be very helpful.
    Can’t recommend more

  2. Tony Davis

    Love Enerzade. I did love Lucozade but after trying Enerzade I find that the other one tastes really artificial now. Been buying it since the beginning after stumbling on it.

  3. Alex W

    I had been buying the old Lucozade for years until the recipe was watered down – Enerzade from Todd’s Drinks is the perfect replacement for that original full sugar taste.

  4. Paul

    Wow what a drink by far the best tasting drink on the market keep up the good work.

  5. Abi Brooks

    This is quite frankly the saviour of all soft drink companies . For years I have searched for a Lucozade alternative with no sweeteners, and this ticks every box! Awesome taste, great customer service, and the same views that choice is what a consumer should be given, not stripped of choice!
    Cannot recommend enough!

  6. John Hepworth

    Enerzade is delicious. No sweetener . Aspartame is possibly carcinogenic. Irony!


    I used to Drink Gallons and Gallons of the old Lucozade for well over 50 years, and I was so disappointed when the recipe changed. Thankfully Enerzade came to my rescue and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

  8. Frankie

    The old Lucozade Original was my favourite drink for 25 years until they changed the recipe following the sugar tax. I was really pleased to discover Enerzaid as it’s remarkably close to what I remember. The only problem i have is trying not drink it so fast as it tastes great and gives me a boost too. Thanks very much to Todd’s Drinks for bringing the old lucozade back.

  9. Calum Stoddart

    OLD lucozade IS the NEW enerzade
    I’ve drank an ocean of the old lucozade over the years. Enjoyed every drop until they spoiled the taste by choosing profit over quality. Todd’s ENERZADE is the only QUALITY drink on the market today

    1. Patrick Parker

      I see you put 12 odd percent of sugar in your drink why not 8 odd percent like the old lucozade ?

  10. Calum Stoddart

    The OLD lucozade IS the NEW enerzade

  11. Danny

    Best drink ever !!
    I literally hate the idea that in England they took the sugar out of everything .. then I came across Todd’s drinks and now I buy this by the crate load !! Best drink out there by miles , thank you very much for such a great service !!

  12. Jim

    To anyone who still wishes they could buy old lucozade – just get this instead! It tastes exactly the same as the old full sugar lucozade and doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners. I hate the taste of artificial sweeteners, and they also give me migraines. I have been buying enerzade for years now and it’s definitely my number 1 choice of any soft drink out there!

  13. Sara Greenway

    I used to love the old Lucozade recipe until my surprise one day when it suddenly tasted horrible to me, it was only afterwards I found out they changed the recipe and my bottles were poured away and I thought I would never get to drink my favourite drink again. After my husband took pity on me when more and more drinks used artificial sweeteners which gave me headaches he discovered Todd’s drinks and ordered me some to try, me being pessimistic that it would live up to my old favourite I opened it and was shocked that it was perfect! Thank you for giving me a drink that not only gets me through my sleep deprivation and days where I just don’t feel right but also tastes amazing, please never stop!

  14. Rich

    Well done guys! ✊

  15. Dean Finnigan

    I’m gutted this is out of stock. This is literally as good as, if not better than the original L******e. I can’t drink L******e anymore as anything with Aspartame gets detected by me immediately and makes me feel sick. I can’t even have sweeteners in my tea. I tasted it in L******e before I knew they had changed the recipe when I had flu and was throwing up as a result of drinking the new recipe L******e.

    I’m down to my last bottle on my second order; having only recently discovered this product. 10/10 for taste. I’m really hopeful this will end up on supermarket shelves but until then I will continue to order online – just as soon as it is back in stock 🙂

  16. Rebecca Knapp

    I am so impressed with this product. Tastes great, perfect alternative to old Lucozade. All the best with this!!

  17. Grant R Dow

    This is better than the old lucozade recipe ever was. It’s close to the original but I find this version more drinkable!
    Got half a case left in the fridge but it probably won’t last another week.

  18. Niall Torney

    Unbelievable. Genuinley the best thing i found during lockdown. Got the trial pack at first and was not disappointed. Ended up getting a case for my birthday… It will now be expected on all birthdays moving forward! The sooner its in the shops the better! Also…. Made in Belfast! Can I pick up from factory

  19. Simon Phillips

    Superb stuff, happy that we don’t have to miss out on an old favourite any more!

  20. Martin Purcell

    Well done with this. Looking forward to seeing it in general release

  21. James

    I’ve been buying this since it first went on sale. Absolutely spot on!

  22. Rebecca

    Thank you so much for making an alternative to the new rubbish. Can’t wait to try it!

  23. Jamie Torres

    amazing! So much better than the “new” l******e!

    1. Alex P

      Great drink, used to love the old lucozade can’t stand the new version. I buy this regularly and best drink out there by miles

  24. Daniel Bryant

    Love this stuff, gotta get into stores ASAP, will order again soon

  25. Matt Rogan

    The fact your drink aren’t store shelf yet is crime

  26. Molly McEwan

    Love the taste, love its help with hypos, love not being dictated to. Thank you Todds!

  27. Leigh

    Like the l******e that you used to get from the chemist. I love it

  28. Maxine McMorris-Cloughley

    I absolutely love this stuff. Definitely the closest thing to the old lucozade. Just as nice if not better!! From ive found this site i have ordered a case a month. Newest addiction! Thank you for creating this!!!

  29. CDavies

    As someone who is allergic to those artificial sweeteners that are now part of the l******e recipe, I was devastated, but so glad I found Todd’s drinks. Sometimes we all need a full sugar boost.

  30. James Powell

    So good. Been through so many cases already. If you miss full sugar l******e then this is the thing for you!

  31. Nick

    Ordered twice before. Tastes just like the original recipe

  32. Timothy Deans

    As someone who has tried Todd’s Original I can 100% guarantee anyone reading this that it tastes EXACTLY like original Lucozade. It is the real deal, and this is not some paid comment. I am still eagerly awaiting the old Lucozade orange flavour. That was my favourite of all the original Lucozades.

  33. Simon Wareing

    This stuff is great. It is so close to L******e original (slightly less fizzy) but excellent none the less.

  34. Clara C

    Exactly like old l******e!

  35. Duke Waterfall

    Absolutely delicious and the closest thing to Old lucozade. Out of the fridge it’s still my favourite soft drink, and no nasty sweeteners like aspartame that give me migraines!

    Highly recommend, have a trial it will not disappoint

  36. Mark Nall

    Superb drink

  37. Chloe

    So good thank you! Highly recommend xx

  38. Adam Jones

    Love the stuff! Was gutted when they changed Lucozade!

  39. Charlie Capener

    This is a brilliant substitute, taste just like the original thing! Can’t fault it at all!

  40. Isobel Brown

    I’d love to try it

  41. Hitesh Mistry

    Cannot wait to order more

  42. Andrew Jones

    Got my first crate of Todd’s Original a few months ago, it quenched my thirst for the original full sugar lucozade completely, like meeting up with an old friend.

    1. Jo

      I can’t drink any of the new ones. The sugar levy killed off a lot of good drinks. Lucozade was a firm favourite and nothing with artificial sweeteners can compare. Such a shame that the government want us to consume chemicals rather than natural sugar.

    2. Calum Stoddart

      Enerzade is liquid heaven. Glass of ice and one bottle of Todd’s Enerzade.The best things in life are always the hardest to find

  43. Callum B

    10/10 Perfect replacement. The lack of proper choice now on what I can drink is really getting tiring. No reason for any company to remove the sugar in the drinks. Most have done it as it makes the drinks cheaper to make so better profits! We all know one Scottish company do that…

  44. Lisa O'Connor

    I love this stuff

  45. Jayden

    Ordered other day, will be ordering again

  46. David W

    Only tried the original so far, but looking forward to trying the orange and even more looking forward to trying the i** b** when that becomes available

  47. Chris Cuthill

    I’ve been meaning to buy this since it launched. Maybe today will be the day I place my first order!!!

  48. Samuel M

    Miss old l******e!

  49. Charlie Cooper

    I’d Love to have some old l******e. Will be buying loads when in stock.

  50. Denise Houghton

    This is actually so much better than L*******e

    Looking forward to more varieties

  51. Laura White

    Amazing stuff!
    Thank you thank you thank you x

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